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  • Ensure that the target server for the migration has SQL Management Studio installed

  • Check the SQL Server tool by following this documentation
  • Always login to SQL Management Studio with enough rights to be able to backup and restore the ProVConnect Server Database
  • Before doing the backup of the database, the database should not be in use, so we recommend to shut down the current ProVConnect Server during this process.

Launch Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio with the Administrator account

Go to the database that you need to migrate

Right click on the database and choose Backup

From this menu, choose the target database

Specify if needed the full path of the backup file

Click on the Media Options menu on the top left

check the highlighted checkbox (Verify backup when finished)

Click on the Backup Options menu on the top left

You can try to choose the Compress Backup options

Press OK to start the backup process

If the Compress backup fails, just use the default mode. You will still be able to compress the update file later with a archive tools.

Once your backup file is ready, please send it to the new server

Unzip the backup file if necessary on the new server

After being connected to the new server, Choose the Restore Database options

From this menu, Choose the Device options and search for your database file

Once done, click on OK in order to import the database

Once the Restoration is over, click on the new database.

You might need to press F5 on the database tree is order to refresh the view

Go to Security/Users

Delete the wpweb user from this database

Once done go to the Security/Logins folder and search for the wpweb user

Click on the properties button

Please note that this user WPWEB is created by default to manage the database communication with the proVConnect Server. This user is not mandatory if you manage this communcation in your own way

On the User Mapping option, please Map  this login to the imported database

Choose dbo as the Default Schema and check the role db_owner

 To check the database connection, please open this file located in your proVConnect Server (the path is slightly different according to your server installation) :  "C:\inetpub\wwwroot\provconnectMS\bin\hibernate.cfg.xml"

In the connection string, make sure that the Catalog entry has the name of the new database

Then save the configuration file

That's it, the database is imported.

You can delete the backup file created during the process.

You can also delete the empty database that was created during the installation of the new ProVConnect Server with SQL Management Studio.

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