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Important Information

This Linux agent is work in progress. The current version has limited features. These features will be improved over time to reache the same level of features as we have on Windows


Check these 2 requirements before install :

  • Your ProVconnect server must be in version 2.18.0 or above.
  • Compatible platform for agent :
    • Ubuntu 16.04 (x64 architecture only)
    • Ubuntu 18.04 (x64 architecture only)
    • Ubuntu 20.04 (x64 architecture only)
    • Ubuntu 20.10 (x64 architecture only)

Installation process

  1. send provconnect-agent.deb to the device
  2. install the deb package on the device :  sudo dpkg -i provconnect-agent.deb
  3. edit the config file which is here : /opt/provconnect-agent/device-agent/bin/Wanpulse.config

    sudo nano /opt/provconnect-agent/device-agent/bin/Wanpulse.config

    It's a XML formated config file.
    You must at least modify one key : Communication.Url
    Replace "https://localhost:443/" with the address of your server

  1. restart service to apply new config

    systemctl restart provconnect-agent.service

Uninstallation process

dpkg --purge provconnect-agent


If you want to use VNC on your Linux device, check these 3 requirements before :

1st requirement : X11VNC

You need to install x11vnc in addition to the proVconnect agent.
To install x11vnc on your Ubuntu device, use this command :

sudo apt-get install x11vnc

2nd requirement : .NET Core Runtime

.NET Core Runtime 3.1 and it's dependencies need to be installed.
Please install the latest available .NET Core Runtime for your platform (Required min version is .NET Core Runtime 3.1)
Here is the doc explaining how to install dotnet core on your platform :

To check if dotnet core runtime is installed on your device, execute :

dotnet --info

Example with Ubuntu 18.04 :

First you need to add the Microsoft package signing key to your list of trusted keys and add the package repository.

wget -O packages-microsoft-prod.deb
sudo dpkg -i packages-microsoft-prod.deb

Then you can install aspnetcore package : 

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install -y apt-transport-https
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install -y aspnetcore-runtime-3.1

3rd requirement : Inventory

VNC connexion on linux devices will not work until inventory was done on the device.
(If inventory is not automatically done : right click on device on devices list -> "Refresh inventory")

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