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You can download the setup Creator here

(info)  Warning : The custom setup creator may be rejected by anti-viruses. In this case, it's better to use the standard installer that is signed by our company certificate.

Overview of the Setup  Creator

It allows  people to deploy an agent that installs silently with a custom configuration.
It’s a  one click installer, and no parameters are required.

Administrator  rights are required to launch the proVconnect device agent setup creator

Please note that Ultra VNC is not  installed by this installer. You can use your provconnect console later on to  install the ultraVNC client on your devices.

Legend :

  • Manager Address :  Important : ONLY USE HTTPS FOR AGENTS > 2.13.2 version
  • Device Agent Setup Path  : The path of the current agent setup
  • Server Certificate path (optional)  : The path of the SLL certificate Required for https  connection with a self signed certificate
  • Force install on UWF enabled: Force the setup to run even if a UWF filter is enabled
  • Tags : Static tag added  to the agent configuration : Can be used later on on the server to sort your  devices.
  • Tag dynamic : Like  Static tags, but contains commands
  • Proxy Settings : Allows  to configure an agent to connect to a proxy with credentials 

We do not recomment the use of self signed certificates with proVconnect.

Note that if you are using self signed certificate you will not have access to the proViewer feature which is the secure VNC feature provided within proVconnect

Finalize the creation of a setup

1st step : fill up your  information

We recommend to download the  certificate from your server options  page

2nd step : click on Create

3rd step : Find your setup inside the current directory of the application

As  you can see, the Tags are used to automatically customize the setup name.

4th step : The file is ready!

Use the generated setup to install silently the  provconnect agent on your device in one click. 

Admin rights are required. 

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