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How to install the agent:


The .NET Core is not required to use this agent, and no problem will occurs because of it is already installed.

  1. Download link for the agent :
  2. Unzip the downloaded file, a .pkg file wille be extracted
  3. Start the installation by double-clicking on the .pkg file, a warning will be shown because the developer is not approved
  4. Go to Settings > Security and Confidentiality > General in order to allow the execution of the .pkg file
  5. The installation can be started again. The .pkg file could be opened automatically afetr allowing its execution.
  6. Follow the steps in the installer. It will require the root rights, so a dialog will ask you your password.
  7. Before the end of the installation, a dialog box will ask you the url of your proVconnect server. Enter it without starting with "https://", just use the domain name of your server, not the IP address.
  8. Once done, the agent will be started and you will be able to enroll it on your proVconnect server after a little bit time, 5 minutes max.

This video (UI is in french) can be help you to understand how to install agent.

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nameHow to install proVconnect MacOS Device

Supported features:

  1. online offline status
  2. very minimal inventory
    1. Host name
    2. online / offline status
    3. Mac Address
    4. product name
    5. OS name and version
    6. CPU type and speed
    7. HD size
    8. proVconnect agent version
    9. IP address
    10. Custom comments
  3. send command (and receive result)
  4. execute commands and receive acknolegment of the status
  5. program tasks at any chosen time
  6. push and pull files

Limited Features:

  1. Compliance is limited to the inventory information
  2. Scenarios (atumatic configuration) will be limited to actions played when a device joins a group and to the limited inventory

Non supported features on the MacOS proVconnect agent:

  1. Remote control
  2. Monitoring

Screen shots: