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Widget Connector


Table of Contents


The ports numbers indicated in this diagram are the ports used in SaaS mode. On premise, all ports are configurable

The Pulse System

WIth our system, Every communication is initiated by the client devices, and the server will only answer to the agent requests.

To avoid unecessary network load, Every devices will communicate with the server according to their PULSE. The pulse is a value in seconds that is given to the device by the server.The device will communicate (or pulse) every X seconds, where X is the pulse time.

Communication Ports and Network Load

Communication Ports

proVconnect generally operates under two scenarios: a local LAN environment and a routed WAN environment.

proVconnect can and will operate successfully on port 443 but in order for proVconnect to operate to its full extent, several additional ports must be opened:


Required / Optional

Pulse over LAN & WAN

TCP 443 (https)

Client  Server

  • File Tranfer.
  • Task Transfer
  • Devices Monitoring
  • Maintenance Task / automatic Task


Broker MQTT

TCP 1883

Client  Server

  • Synchronize the task publication on the device to allow the instant-publish mode

note that if you do not configure this port, then you will be dependent on the pulse frequency to execute tasks, the MQTT allows to increase the pulse frequency and still keep high level of reactivity on the server (pulse on demand) 


Discovery over LAN only

TCP 9999

Client  Server

  • Allows discovery of your clients from the server on the same network

note that this is not recommended as it requires to open a port in listening mode on the end point 

Optional (only LAN)

Remote Assistance (Reverse VNC Secure)

TCP 5901
TCP 5902
Administrator Console  Server
Client  Server

Must be configured to allow remote session to any device through any network

It's possible to set the port 80 for compliancy with company firewall



These are the default ports used on SaaS but when proVconnect is installed on premise, all ports are configurable and can be modified in the Agent Configuration, Manager Options, and Discovery Options screens.

Network Load

As software provider, guessing the network load is a difficult exercice as far as it is tightly linked to your specific usage of the software. However, for guidance purpose, we provide below the network consumption for the agent communication to the server.

Network load
Pulse to the server1 kB
Pulse to the server3 kB
Agent Inventory250 kB

It may differ from one device to another based on its hardware and software configuration


The Pulse Delay and the Inventory Frequency can be configured so that it remains acceptable for your environment