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  • open explorer.exe and find the configuration file  (wanpulse.config) of the device agent inside the bin folder
  • edit with notepad or notepad++ (you must have administrator right on the device to do so)
  • inside the editor, find this XML node : <add key="Communication.Url" value="https://*****:oldport" />
  • edit this node with the following value : <add key="Communication.Url" value="https://*****:newport" />
  • Once done, save the change and close the editor
  • A restart is now needed. To restart the agent, open taskmgr
  • Find the agent process in the details tab, and end it
  • go to the services tab, and start the agent service
  • close the taskmgr, and everything is done

3) check the result

In case the steps didn't work for you, please check again every steps, and if it doesn't help, pleace contact the support team in order to get assistance.