In order to activate bitlocker on your devices, you will have to buid a task like the following one on your proVConnect server

The following powershell commands were created according to the official microsoft documentation. Please check this link to see the full documentation if you want to adapt the bitlocker parameters to your own needs.

1 ) Launch command : Enable bitlocker

 Command : powershell.exe -c "Enable-BitLocker -MountPoint 'Z:' -EncryptionMethod Aes256 -UsedSpaceOnly -Password (ConvertTo-SecureString '12345678' -AsPlainText -Force) -PasswordProtector"

Command parameters to adapt to your case :

-MountPoint 'letter:' : letter isthe letter of the targeted drive

-Password (ConvertTo-SecureString 'myPassword' -AsPlainText -Force) : myPassword is the password that you want to set for your bitlocker account

2 ) Launch command : Create a recovery key

Command : powershell.exe -c "Enable-BitLocker -MountPoint 'Z:' -EncryptionMethod Aes256 -RecoveryPasswordProtector" > "c:\bitlockerkey.txt"

Command parameters to adapt to your case :

3 ) Retrieve command : Retrieve the recovery key on your server

Retrieve file path : "c:\bitlockerkey.txt"

4 ) Launch command : Delete the recovery file from the device

Command : del "c:\bitlockerkey.txt" /f

Now you can save your task

Save your task

 1) Click on save and your task will be available at all time on your server

 2) publish on the devices that you want to publish on